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about milwood moms

About Us: We are a group of moms in Milwood. Some of us work. Some of us stay home. But all of us are excited about meeting new moms and finding neighborhood playmates for our young kiddos.

Playdates: Playdates are mostly tailored to kids 5 and under. We typically meet up on Fridays often at a member’s house or a local park. We also go on adventures to the Austin Zoo, Cedar Rock Railroad, Austin Science and Nature Center, etc. 

Meetings: We meet the last Wednesday of every month from 8-9 pm to plan the next month’s playdates, moms’ night out and events.

Moms’ Night Out: We try to plan one moms’ night out per month. Look for a google invite to that too each month. 

Big Events and Dues: We put on several events throughout the year including a Halloween party, Christmas party and Beginning of Summer Bash. We have piñatas, bounce houses, food, drinks, and prizes. If you would like to attend the events, we ask that you pay an annual dues fee of $15, which you can do through this website. 


Facebook Group: Please note, this group is SEPERATE from the Milwood Moms Neighborhood Facebook group. The best way to join that facebook group is to DM one of the administrators for the facebook group, or have a friend who is already part of that group add you.

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